Hello, I am Tyler Gautney. Welcome to my personal website. Here, I intend to showcase any GPL’d programs that I make in my free time. As a result, the smaller projects’ official homepages will exist under this domain. Any project that gets big enough may get its own official domain. The goal here is to show potential employers what I can do as a software engineer. In that same vein, I’d like to bring attention to this website. I am both the web developer and the server’s sysadmin for this website. It isn’t made with any frameworks, and I try to follow best practices for web standards. Furthermore, most of the website was designed to load statically for speed and ease of use while dynamic content is created for development convenience, flexibility, and cosmetic appearances. I would like to thank Frank and Tyler for their feedback, guidance, and help with my website’s code and design.

A little more information about me is that I love Linux and open source software. Thus, I use Linux full time. In my free time I like to program (with real programming languages), play video games on my Linux gaming rig, and read. Dragons are my favorite fictional myth, so that is why they are a part of my domain. My love for literature is also why I have a blog. Here I will post opinion on technews, how-to articles, fictonal short-stories, and anything else I can think of. With that, I hope you enjoy my website; and you may contact me for feedback or employment opportunities below.